Chapter 4a: Eww…my feet are muddy

You undoubtedly have heard about the ancient story of Moses parting the Red Sea so the Isrealites can escape slavery in Egypt and find refuge and a new life in the land of Canaan (the promised land).

I recently heard mention of a side story to this Biblical narrative that really jumped out at me. This story (a real ancient commentary regarding Hebrew scriptures) tells the view of two Israelites, Reuven and Shimon, who had a different experience walking across the Red Sea when it was parted.

Apparently the bottom of the sea, though safe to walk on, was not completely dry but a little muddy, like a beach at low tide.
Reuven stepped into it and curled his lip. “What is this muck?”
Shimon scowled, “There’s mud all over the place!”
“This is just like the slime pits of Egypt!” replied Reuven.
“What’s the difference?” complained Shimon. “Mud here, mud there; it’s all the same.”
And so it went for the two of them, grumbling all the way across the bottom of the Red Sea. And, because they never once looked up, they never understood why on the distant shore, everyone else was singing and dancing. For Reuven and Shimon the miracle of the sea parting never happened. (Shemot Rabba 24.1)

These guys were so irritated by the mud and muck, they didn’t bother to notice the WALLS OF WATER on either side of them! They didn’t notice the miracle that they were smack dab in the middle of because of the inconvenience of having muddy toes.

So I am looking up. I am looking around. I see the walls of water. I see the miracles around us. Yes – the NEC is the mud around our toes. It’s yucky and messy and annoying. But there are still miracles all around. A few that come to mind: our healthy boys, our loving family and friends, the roof over our heads, the food in our cabinets, the blue sky, the modern medicine that will help Don manage this disease over the years.

I am looking up.






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