Chapter 11: The needle, the first time 3/31/17

Today Don had his first Sandostatin shot. Thank goodness, he said it was no biggie. He’ll go back at the end of April – they now will be happening every 30 days.

He also had a good chat with Dr. F, the oncologist. She agreed that it sounded like the colonoscopy and endoscopy did not find the primary tumor, but seemed to imply that was not a huge deal. Next step is to do another CT on the small bowel, even more close up than before, to see if they can find it.

Right now it sounds like she is not inclined to do any surgery on his liver (removing or debulking the NETs); but would recommend surgery on his bowel if they find the primary. As they spoke about this, he asked if they needed to schedule surgery quickly after finding it (4-6 weeks?). She said no. These tumors are very slow-growing – it can take 12 months to even see a noticeable size difference – so she said he could schedule it at his convenience; even 3-6 months would be fine.

This is all theoretical for now. But gives us some relief. So life goes on. We watch and wait.

Life really does go on. That is great.



2 thoughts on “Chapter 11: The needle, the first time 3/31/17

  1. I just finished reading all your notes. Wow; I feel tired just thinking of all you guys have gone through the last 2 months and thinking about the information you have had to mentally digest. I am getting ready to read my nightly bible & will pray for you, Don & your boys. Hang in there!

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