Chapter 17: Commencement

It’s graduation season, as you know. I have friends whose children are graduating from HS and college and to observe their experience from out here has been scary and fun. We’ll be there soon enough – Colin is a rising HS sophomore – and I’m doing my best to learn from these friends so that when our turn comes around we are ready.

A favorite part of this season is all of the commencement speeches that start floating around the internet. I’m sure you’ve seen a few good ones. Of course I admit that it’s way more fun watching a short commencement speech from my living room, rather than having to sit through those long ceremonies! But anyway, here is a favorite that hit my screen this week and I think it’s worth sharing. Enjoy for 11 minutes from your living room!

If you aren’t familiar with Greg Boyle, I highly recommend his book Tattoos on the Heart. It’s a breathtaking, beautiful memoir about his work with the homies (gang members in LA).


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