Chapter 22: This is what recovery looks like

I’ll copy a few of my latest Facebook posts here for those who do not see them. Then I’ll add some new thoughts below.

June 21
Don has been home since Sunday afternoon and is doing great! Moving around just fine, eating anything, feeling pretty good! Thank you for all of the prayers. He seems to be a pro at this surgery/recovery stuff. I also need to send a big THANK YOU to my parents for being here this last week. They left yesterday morning and were a HUGE HELP with the boys and around the house. Mom is so sweet & amazing to help with some cleaning that I did not get to before the hospital stint began. I’m so lucky to have these wonderful parents in my life! XXOO ❤️

June 21 (later)
We have also been blessed with some AMAZING meals from some thoughtful and generous friends. Here is a pic of tonight’s feast, courtesy of Chef Demetri and Chef Joy. Wow. Pure deliciousness. I have not remembered to get pics of all the food (I know you are happy about that), but I *have* remembered that I want to thank them. XXOO Thanks also to Kathy C (not on fb) and Winston (already got a shout out).


Chef Demetri and Chef Joy did not disappoint! Pork souvlaki, spanikopita, salad and cookies.


June 22
Hooray! We were able to surprise the boys at camp for family potluck night!


I don’t know what recovery looks like for others, but for Don it is quite impressive! I am stunned at how well he is doing. He’s up and moving around, eating well, taking his meds (a cocktail of about 10 meds, including Tylenol, ibuprofen and Miralax, every 6 hours or so). He has some mild pain, but the meds help with that. He reads, watches TV, takes a walk or two in the neighborhood and naps. He tires easily and so far has been good at knowing when to stop and rest.

I have the good fortune of working for a non-profit agency with some amazing people, so they are generous with the opportunity for me to work from home. I have been back & forth from the farm a few times this week, but mostly working from the house to keep an eye on the patient. Today I came home after being at the farm for a few hours and Don told me he had vacuumed the house and wore himself out, so then sat down to rest. That is good. I’m grateful he is paying attention to his body and not over-doing it. He is not supposed to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, so I am keeping my Honey Do list kinda short. Ha ha. “We” do need to add the new backsplash to our kitchen project, so I offered to crack open the box of tile, so he can carry them one-by-one and get to work. I don’t think he was keen on that just yet. It’s okay, I am very patient.

We are so touched by the calls, texts, cards, and food from so many. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


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