So we went on a cruise…

Chapter 37: So we went on a cruise…


Balcony view

I wasn’t sure if I would love it or hate it, but it turns out that cruising is pretty great! The four of us took our very first cruise last week and we loved it! Four days in the Bahamas (aka “entry-level cruise”) was perfect. We stayed in a suite which had a balcony with endless views of the ocean.




Our first port excursion was to Atlantis. Wow. That place is HUGE! Don and I spent most of our time on the mile-long Rapid River while the boys tried all of the big slides. The grounds and hotels are beautiful. We would love to visit there again someday!

Our second port excursion was supposed to be snorkeling trip, but it was cancelled due to winds and high waves. Bummer. So we opted to spend the day on a beautiful little island. The island was lovely but the


Beautiful island & beach, but don’t get in the water!

“swimming and snorkeling” beach was disappointing! The ocean floor was covered in sharp and painful shells and rocks so while they tried, Don and boys did not stay out in the water very long. Next time we’ll know to come prepared with water shoes!

This trip was a splurge for us, but we were celebrating a year of good health! Last summer our vacation was spent at Duke Medical Center while Don underwent and recovered from his surgery. One of the biggest lessons of cancer is to cherish the time you have with your loved ones since we have no guarantees for tomorrow. Really, this is a gift, not just a lesson.

We are happy to see that NETs cancer got some national press on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show this week. Gil Schaenzle is an amazing woman that we had the chance to meet a few months ago at a regional NETs gathering. She is doing all she can to raise awareness of NETs cancer in memory of her daughter, Anna, who succumbed to the disease in 2017. Watch thisĀ video to learn more. We remain overwhelmingly grateful that Don somehow pulled the lucky straw and has the non-aggressive version of NETs. He will most likely live for a few more decades with more good days than bad.

So if you haven’t already, hug your loved ones today. Take a few days and head to a change of scenery with your favorite humans. The beach, the mountains and the National Parks are waiting for you. Today is our only guarantee.