The Sound That Saved Us All

Chapter 41: The Sound That Saved Us All

What does grace sound like? This was the question bouncing around in my head as we sang this song.

The tinkling of little bells

A baby laughing

The gentle wind moving through the fall leaves

My kid’s voice telling me about his day

The quiet whish of the sliding hospital door as we walk out, leaving it behind us, at least for a while

The voice on the message from the friend I need to call

The ding of the text telling me mom is feeling better

The pad of feet as husband walks to bed in the dark

The coffee pot brewing that first cup of coffee

The little kids shrieking in laughter and cheers as they jump into the pool at the end of another swim season

The ambulance siren down the street hopefully saving a life

The jingle of dog tags as they chase each other around the dining room table

That returned phone call answering the last question that allows me to finish the project

The kid cracking himself up as he skypes with his friends

The quiet after the hurricane has passed and we sit with no power

That one guitar chord that brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it


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