An Advent Journey (Part 2)


Chapter 43: An Advent Journey (Part 2)


Day 12 – It seemed Hezekiah was quite content resting amongst the trees. The journeymen could not convince him that the break was over and it was time to move on.





Day 13 – This time it was Melchior that led the treacherous climb. Only he and Hezekiah knew he had been secretly training for Desert Ninja Warriors.









Day 14 – They had heard Hezekiah speak of the strange desert beast, but this was the first time they had seen it with their own eyes.








Day 15 – Gaspar took the lead today, insisting he knew this was the best path toward the star. The others quietly doubted him, but opted to let him lead for a while, because that’s what friends do









Day 16 – The icy trees and the angelic music were a lovely – albeit completely wrong – side route. The travelers will have to turn around, again.




Day 17 – Balthazar and Hezekiah insisted this was not the right place for a rest, but Gaspar and Melchior thought it would be a fun stop.








Day 18 – The Japanese Sage reminded the travelers, “猿も木から落ちる。” (Even monkeys fall from trees … everyone makes mistakes) and encouraged them not to give up on their journey. Finding the star would be worth it in the end.







Day 19 – Surely the mysterious boulders had some kind of important message. But what could it be?



Day 20 – On this winter solstice the travelers took a moment to appreciate the darkness, so that when the time comes they can truly experience the light.









Day 21 – If acrobatics are part of the adventure, Gaspar announced he wanted no part of it.












Day 22 – Balthazar led them to the gondola and insisted it was a shortcut to the Star. Hhhmmmm….










Day 23 – There it is!



















Day 24 – The Star brought us to the light! There he is. The Light of the World!

Editor’s note: I realize my version is historically inaccurate — their journey would not have ended in the stable on Jesus’ birthday. But I had to roll with it due to holiday travel. I will plan better next time! 😊

An Advent Journey (Part 1)

Chapter 42: An Advent Journey (Part 1)

Hello friends.

I have missed you. On many a morning I have gotten out of bed with thoughts I wanted to share, but then life/schedule/kids/job got in the way. I bet you can relate. Tis the season.

Then I ran across the Wandering Wisemen (look them up on facebook or Instagram)! I was so delighted by their posts and antics I decided to copy their idea and do my own version. You may have already seen theirs or mine on social media. It has been a fun way to reflect on the season of Advent as the seekers journey towards the light that will change the world. I believe we are all seekers of one kind or another.




Day 1: The star appeared with surprisingly little fanfare, noticed only by those dedicated seekers who had patiently awaited its arrival for so many years.






(Day 2: No pic or post on this day. It was before I really took the plunge on the project.)

Day 3: Ultimately, it was Hezekiah the camel who demonstrated the necessary leadership to unite the travelers and set their course for the long journey ahead.





Day 4: Although oddly calming in stressful situations, the small globe proved to be an ineffective navigational device.







Day 5: Despite the strange climb and the beautiful view, upon closer inspection the travelers realized this was not the star they meant to follow.








Day 6: It’s only Day 6, but what a long, strange trip it’s been.


Day 7: The journey with the Star continues. Those are stars, right?














Day 8: A little light in the darkness brought comfort to each traveler.








Day 9: An oasis – finally!








Day 10: So it seems they are not the first seekers to visit these parts.








Day 11 – Balthazar’s rock climbing hobby proved to be an asset on the journey. But he couldn’t understand why the others had trouble keeping up with him.









Stay tuned for the second half of the journey. Or better yet – start your own!  Wishing you a whimsical Advent with a little quiet time to seek the light.

Shout Out – Felted nativity characters are handmade by my friend ArtsyAnn and her team. You can find her on Etsy.