An Advent Journey (Part 2)


Chapter 43: An Advent Journey (Part 2)


Day 12 – It seemed Hezekiah was quite content resting amongst the trees. The journeymen could not convince him that the break was over and it was time to move on.





Day 13 – This time it was Melchior that led the treacherous climb. Only he and Hezekiah knew he had been secretly training for Desert Ninja Warriors.









Day 14 – They had heard Hezekiah speak of the strange desert beast, but this was the first time they had seen it with their own eyes.








Day 15 – Gaspar took the lead today, insisting he knew this was the best path toward the star. The others quietly doubted him, but opted to let him lead for a while, because that’s what friends do









Day 16 – The icy trees and the angelic music were a lovely – albeit completely wrong – side route. The travelers will have to turn around, again.




Day 17 – Balthazar and Hezekiah insisted this was not the right place for a rest, but Gaspar and Melchior thought it would be a fun stop.








Day 18 – The Japanese Sage reminded the travelers, “猿も木から落ちる。” (Even monkeys fall from trees … everyone makes mistakes) and encouraged them not to give up on their journey. Finding the star would be worth it in the end.







Day 19 – Surely the mysterious boulders had some kind of important message. But what could it be?



Day 20 – On this winter solstice the travelers took a moment to appreciate the darkness, so that when the time comes they can truly experience the light.









Day 21 – If acrobatics are part of the adventure, Gaspar announced he wanted no part of it.












Day 22 – Balthazar led them to the gondola and insisted it was a shortcut to the Star. Hhhmmmm….










Day 23 – There it is!



















Day 24 – The Star brought us to the light! There he is. The Light of the World!

Editor’s note: I realize my version is historically inaccurate — their journey would not have ended in the stable on Jesus’ birthday. But I had to roll with it due to holiday travel. I will plan better next time! 😊


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