Motherhood in 377 words

Chapter 47: Motherhood in 377 words

Motherhood is jumping out of bed at 2am for my first born when he needed to nurse. Being happy as the sweet little body nestled into me, finding what he needed.

Motherhood is dragging myself out of bed at 2am for my second born (three years later) when he needed to nurse. And he nursed and nursed and nursed. And his sweet puffy body full of rolls nestled into me, and it was precious, but I was tired. When will he finish?

Motherhood is watching them “graduate” from pre-k and knowing they are ready for big school. And missing the days when youngest would grab my chin and turn my face into his, “Mommy. Let me tell you something.” with all the seriousness in the world. And when oldest would bound onto the playground and announce to whomever would listen, “Here I am! Here I am!”

Motherhood is seeing the oldest struggle a little with reading and finding a tutor to help him master the skill. And now watching as he soars through high school AP courses, reading lots of books for pleasure, knowing I did the right thing for him. Thanking God I got that one right.

Motherhood is worrying over the 8th grader as he finds his independence and his sour teen attitude. Sometimes sweet, mostly bitter. Being frustrated that he pushes every boundary and drives his teachers crazy; all the while being an excellent student and great athlete.

Motherhood is watching oldest navigate the murky waters of teen friendships. See him caring for his friends, sometimes too much, not knowing what to say to him on the difficult days. Telling him I understand and I’m sorry he’s feeling that way. Knowing these moments will pass and hoping he understands. Cheering for him and laughing with him on the easy days.

Motherhood is being so tired and annoyed that I sometimes cannot wait for this chapter to end. Until I realize then they’ll be gone and the house will be quiet and the schedule will be open and I’ll have to take out the trash and maybe mow the lawn. And then I think, look what Motherhood has given me: a treasure chest of memories. Two amazing human beings to love and who love me.