I love a flash mob

I love a flash mob. I’ve never seen one in person, at least I don’t think so. But when they first started popping up online I was watching all of them.

But this one really fed my soul today. I’ve probably seen it before. Maybe you have, too? It’s full of surprise, pure joy, glorious music.

I watched and thought, we are the music. We humans, in groups, together, side by side. Now that we are under stay-at-home orders thanks to COVID-19 we’re not physically together anymore. Thankfully we can be together in a virtual way, and it helps, but it’s not the same.

So as I watched his flash mob from about a year ago, it made my heart ache. The music will do that. But seeing the people standing tightly together, letting the music take them away, smiling, laughing, seeing the little kids pretend to conduct, seeing the smiles on the musician’s faces … I felt the tightening in my chest loosen. I felt my shoulders relax. My breathing deepened. It’s what I needed.

Let’s be the music, friends. The music doesn’t happen without us. We might be a musician, we might be a singer, we might be in the audience watching. All are integral parts of the experience. Today being the music might include social distancing. But eventually we’ll be back to bigger crowds. Celebrating music. Celebrating life. Celebrating each other.

I miss you. Enjoy.

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